For Muslims, the most honourable book (Qur’an) was revealed to the most honourable Prophet and Messenger (Mohammed ﷺ). It was delivered by the most honourable Angel (Jibril) in the most honourable land on earth (Makkah). Its revelation began in the most honourable month of the year (Ramadan). It was also revealed in the most honourable of languages (Arabic). Therefore, the Qur’an is perfect in every respect, and knowledge of Arabic is indispensable.

An Unparalleled Arabic Course

Students, over one year, will have an opportunity to learn a combination of Classical (the oldest type of Arabic that is studied widely, the language of the Qur’an, and core texts from the classical age of Islam) and Modern Standard Arabic (a direct descendant of Classical Arabic, now the language of elevated discourse of correspondence, contemporary literature, and the mass media). This will be delivered through a concentration on the four main skills of language: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Teaching will also stress Arabic vocabulary acquisition and the study of Arabic Grammar and Morphology.

An Intensive Mode Of Study To Suit The Part-Time Student

Students will be required to attend once a week, every Saturday, for a full-day of Arabic studies. In addition to this, to supplement and consolidate learning, students will have access to an additional live video class alongside additional materials and exercises, hosted on our dedicated online learning platform.

3 Terms & 38 Weeks Of On-Campus and Online Tutorials

On-Campus - Saturdays: 9am - 6pm

Online - TBC (2 hours per week)

Removing Barriers to Islamic Education

Al Miftah Institute is committed to providing the highest calibre of teaching and learning. We aim to deliver at the highest standard for you to have the best student experience with qualified teachers whilst keeping in mind our commitment to removing all barriers to Islamic education.

Therefore, the rate of fees is set at a modest rate of £89 per month, payable by monthly direct debit. This is equivalent to just £2.47 per hour.