May Allah SWT reward our teachers abundantly in this life and the next, for their efforts and dedication towards serving the Deen. We ask Allah SWT to keep them sincere and allow them to continue propagating the Deen.
— Ameen

Ustadh Faraz Sadiq

In 2006 Ustadh Faraz embarked on an extended sabbatical to study Arabic and Islamic Studies in Syria. Whilst in Syria he initially focused on the Arabic language which was followed by a three-year programme in Arabic & Islamic Studies at the Abu Nur Seminary in Damascus. This involved the study of a number of core Islamic sciences such as Islamic Jurisprudence, Prophetic reports, legal theory and Islamic Speculative Theology. As well as this, he gained a license (Ijaza) in Qur’anic recitation. During the course of his studies, he constantly engaged with extra-curricular texts to engage fully with various pedagogical methods, which he has successfully carried forward into teaching.

More recently he successfully completed an M.A. in Islamic Studies with Distinction. Additionally, he has also received a certificate in 'Muslim Chaplaincy' in 2013. He has taught students from Key Stage 1 through to lecturing at Post-16 level.  He has been involved in projects designing Arabic & Islamic studies curriculum which will help reform the delivery of these subjects in schools across the country in sha Allah. He has worked as Head of Department in a number schools in the UK and abroad. He has just returned from working as part of the Senior Leadership Team at an International Islamic school in Malaysia. 

Shaykh Abdul Hameed

Shaykh Abdul Hameed is a classically trained scholar from Leicester. He graduated as an Alim from Jamea Uloomul Qur’an, Leicester, studying Tafseer, Arabic, Hadith, Fiqh amongst other Islamic Sciences in-depth. He also memorised the Qur’an during his studies at the institution. The Shaykh has completed a BA Honors in Social Work/Psychology and is perusing his Masters in Education/Psychology.

Ustadh Haaris Abdul Samad

Ustadh Haaris Abdul Samad completed his Alimiyyah studies in Lantern of Knowledge, Leytonstone and graduated as a qualified scholar in 2017. He has studied Hadith, Fiqh, Tafseer and Arabic amongst other Islamic sciences in depth as part of the Scholarship Program (Alimiyyah Course) at Ebrahim College, East London. He has also memorised the Qur’an at Islamic Da’wah Academy, Leicester. He has been teaching Arabic, Qur’an and Hadith at various organisations since 2011 and is also the second Imam of Hayes Muslim Centre.

Ustadh Ismail Khan

Ustadh Ismail has studied Qur’an, Tajweed,  Arabic & the Islamic Sciences in Egypt at a number of institutes. He has studied Qur’an & Tajweed with teachers who hold numerous Ijaazas and continues to further his studies with teachers from Egypt. He has been teaching for a number of years & has extensive experience teaching children and adults alike.

Ustadha Umm Khadijah

Ustadha Umm Khadijah is currently studying the  Islamic Sciences as part of the Scholarship Program (Alimiyyah Course) at Ebrahim College, East London and intends to complete it in 2018. Subjects include an in-depth study of the Arabic Language, exegesis of the Qur’an, Islamic Jurisprudence Islamic History, Philosophy and more. Umm Khadijah has taught Arabic Grammar at Hayes Muslim Centre, and has also worked as an assistant teacher of Arabic at Ebrahim College.

Ustadha Umm Anas

Ustadha Umm Anas has graduated with a First Class degree in Arabic and English Literature. She had studied Arabic for two years in London before embarking on her year abroad in 2015-16 where she spent 11 months between Egypt and Morocco. Her education in the Arabic language is a combination of following the modern syllabus at university and studying more traditional grammar texts. 

Ustadha Umm Kulthum

Ustadha Umm Kulthum studied Tajweed at Ebrahim College, East London and continues her studies at Imam Shaatibi Institute. She is currently memorising the Qur’an and working towards receiving an Ijaaza from Imam Shaatibi Institute upon completion of Hifdh.

Ustadha Atia Chohan

Ustadha Atia Chohan has been described as a treasure for Slough’s Muslim sisters. Those fortunate enough to have attended her classes praise her ability to eloquently convey the message of the Qur’an & instill a love for the deen in the students’ hearts. 

Born and bred in Bonn, Germany, Ustadha Atia has been studying the Islamic sciences since the age of 17. After undertaking a diploma in the Arabic language at the University of Bonn, she proceeded to study the Taleem ul Qur’an course at Al Huda University, Islamabad, before progressing to the Taleem ul Hadith course. Ustadha Atia has also obtained a diploma in Islamic Studies (studied in the Arabic language) in London & is currently completing a BA in Islamic Studies with the American Open University. 

Ustadha Atia has a wealth of teaching experience to draw upon, being the teacher & organiser of the Taleem ul Qur’an correspondence courses in Germany since 1999 and Slough, UK since 2013 to present. She is also an Arabic & Tajweed teacher for beginners – her competence in Arabic is demonstrated by the fact that she was the official translator for Sheikh Abdul-Akhir Hammad al Ghanimy’s classes & Q&A sessions from Arabic to German in Bonn. She is also currently translating Tafsir of the Qur’an from Arabic to German for Al Huda Institute.