We aim to provide the full spectrum of Islamic Sciences in our educational institute so that Muslims can understand and appreciate the roots from which Islam spread and flourished. By catering for both men and women of all ages and abilities, we aspire to remove all barriers to education by facilitating and accommodating for each students’ unique challenges in becoming a Student of Knowledge.

We aspire to maintain the impeccable standards and traditional learning methods with classical sources but with a key focus on contextualising learning and adapting to modern-day requirements.

Our courses are designed to broaden the general Islamic literacy rate amongst the Muslim community, equipping Muslims with the fundamentals they require to remain in accordance to the divine commandments of Allah (SWT) in their religious & worldly affairs in a contemporary setting. We also support those who wish to go further in scholarly studies by facilitating arrangements for them to improve in their scholastic literacy and follow in the footsteps of great classical scholars.

professional & experienced teachers

We take pride in the fact that all members of our faculty have sacrificed many years to pursue their Islamic education - whilst all have been formally trained by esteemed scholars in the UK, many have also studied in classical institutions abroad including in Egypt and Syria to further embellish their credentials and maintain the institute's impeccable standards.

students have targets & future prospects

We ensure students are given realistic targets in what they will be able to achieve through their course of study as well as being given the chance to further their studies after they have completed their chosen course. Furthermore, we believe that education is not restricted to any gender and as such, all our courses are open to both men and women.

an inclusive learning environment

One of the distinctive features of the institute is that we are non-partisan, thereby ensuring that students of all backgrounds are welcome through our doors. We pride ourselves on offering students the chance to belong in an open environment to voice their concerns and be guided by their respective mentors/teachers.

We do not exclude students on the basis of their personal and theological beliefs - our teachers are equipped to deal with and respond to difficult questions in the best way, keeping in mind the social and religious context of the present day.

removing barriers to education

Most people have great dreams of studying their faith but fall short because of the many barriers in their way, such as needing to work to fulfill their financial obligations, having to look after family, being unable to travel long distances, amongst others. At Al Miftah, we aim to remove all such barriers to allow students to study their faith whilst keeping their unique situations in mind.

We ensure our courses are manageable by providing weekly offline classes as well as supplementary classes online to aid students in their studies at a pace that suits them best. We aim to allow all students to be able to appreciate their faith by allowing them to study their fundamentals as well as providing those who wish to delve into the oceans of intensive, further study the opportunity to do so.

interactive online courses

At Al Miftah we understand that evolving with technology is crucial and therefore aim to provide students in the UK and around the world the opportunity to study and benefit from the expertly crafted courses that we offer by tuning in to our live classes as well as courses that have been professionally pre-recorded.

unlocking more than just knowledge

At Al Miftah we do not just concentrate on educating students but emphasise on students becoming an integral, valued member of the wider community. We ensure that whatever core values the students learn, they are able to benefit the wider community by taking part in specific community outreach projects such as care home visits and more.

With a compulsory naseehah element incorporated into each lesson, students gain more than mere information from their esteemed teachers. 

improve the experience with a fulfilling student life

Student-led activities including weekend retreats, dinners and more are regularly arranged throughout the academic year to provide an enriching all-round experience for each and every student. Develop life-long relationships with teachers and peers to improve the study experience.